Canada Postage Stamp Varieties

The following is a listing of Canadian Postage Stamp Varieties that I have available.  There are plenty of paper varieties, errors, printing shifts, constant plate errors, and tagging errors.  Click on IMAGE to see scans already uploaded.  Unitrade Specialized Catalogue and Darnell are used for numbering.



427ii NH.jpg
427ii NH Double Print (1).jpg
427ii NH Double Print (2).jpg
SCARCE 427ii with Red Print Doubled
  $225 for NH Single.
NH Plate Block Available for $1150
421 NH Double Print (1).jpg
421 NH Normal print.jpg
421 NH Double Print (2).jpg
RARE 421ii with Purple Doubled
$175 for NH Single.
NH Blank Corner Block $850
NH Plate Block Available for $1000
**** New Discovery ****
CANADA 562i-563i with black text doubled
562i - 563i NH PB with Normal
        Doubling of Black Text
  Only 1 Plate Block Remaining
819-820 NH with Kiss Print Doubling of G
835 with accent over Le.jpg
835-838 FDC with Black Kiss print (2).jp
835 accent le gite.jpg
835-838 FDC with Black Kiss print (1).jp
837i red stitch.jpg
837i red stitch.jpg
839 NH with doubling kiss print of Silve
841 NH PB with colour shift resulting in
842 NH PB with flying kite.jpg
866-867i NH PB with vert yellow line.jpg
866-867 with Kiss Print Doubling.jpg
868-869b NH PB with minor doubling of GR
868-869 with white dot on a of
868-869 NH PB with Kiss Print (1).jpg
873-874i NH UR PB with Signal Light.jpg
936 NH with doubling of Canada and pink
936 NH PB with Pink Donut below N in CAN
936 with pink dot above A in CANADA.jpg
939 Booklet Single with G2aL tag Error.j
953 Used G4aL.jpg
867a with donut on a.jpg
867a with donut on d.jpg
867a with multiple donuts on UR sculptur
840 NH with colour shift and doubling of
CO1  F NH.jpg
CO1 VF LH with Re-entry.jpg
F2 U with Slash in T.jpg
F2 Slash in T - zoom.jpg
F2 U with Re-entry in N and S - zoom.jpg
F2 U with Plate Flaw - 2 Slashes in the
F2  U with Re-entry of Frame-line.jpg
F2 Re-entry frame-line - zoom.jpg
B8i NH PB with RED Dot on Bicep - zoom.j
B8i NH PB with RED Dot on Bicep - zoom.j
B8i NH PB with RED Dot on Bicep.jpg
j37ii nick over A.jpg
j37ii nick over A.jpg
J37ii  Nick over A.jpg
O2 NH pair with 19mm narrow spacing.jpg
O2 NH Blk of 4 with 19mm narrow spacing.
O3 NH Blk of 4 - 19mm narrow spacing.jpg
O3 NH pair - 19mm narrow spacing.jpg
O40 with shifted G and normal.jpg
O40 NH wide and narrow spacing strip of
O44 NH wide spacing strip of 4.jpg
O44 with shifted G and normal.jpg
O45 LH with Mis-placed G and Normal.jpg
O48i  Blunt G.jpg
C9 LL Pl 1  re-entry zoom.jpg
C9 NH PL 1 with re-entry.jpg
O14  VF H with blunt H.jpg
O39  NH  - ribbed paper with shifted G.j
O39 NH PB -ribbed paper with shifted G.j

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