Canada Varieties and Canada Tagged Stamps

The following is a listing of Canadian Postage Stamp Varieties and Canada Tagged ( Winnipeg & Ottawa ) stamps that I have available.  There are plenty of paper varieties, errors, printing shifts, constant plate errors, and tagging errors.  Click on IMAGE to see scans already uploaded.  Unitrade Specialized Catalogue and Darnell are used for numbering.

***** New Discovery *****
CANADA 562i-563i with black text doubled
562i - 563i NH PB with Normal
        Doubling of Black Text
Only 1 Pl Blk Remaining
Canada 53 Used with Re-entry
Canada 66i with Re-entry at UL
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591ii  NH Ribbed Paper with Red Dot in C
Canada 28iv  U  Ballon Flaw.jpg
66 and 66i  Re-entry  NH.jpg
66-66i F NH.jpg
66-66i Re-entry UR.jpg
163-163ii  NH  with Major Re-Entry.jpg
164 VG NH with Marks in right
112iii  H Retouch to UR Spandrel.jpg
97 mis-placed entry  - zoom.jpg
211 NH with dot in C of Canada.jpg
211 NH with line in E of Cents.jpg
Canada 211 Weeping Princess re-touch.jpg
Canada 211 Re-Touch Pos 3-1.jpg
Canada 211 with Weeping Princess Re-Touc
216  VF NH.jpg
216  VF  NH with Re-Entry  Doubling of B
223  VF  H with Line on D of Canada.jpg
347i jump strip of 4.jpg
347i jump strip of 4  enlarged.jpg
Canada 114iv with diagonal line in V.jpg
Canada 114iv F VLH.jpg
247 F NH with missing steps from printin
208iii NH LR PB 1 with hairline from han
112iii - Zoom.jpg
97i VF NH with Hairlines.jpg
97i VF NH with Hairlines - LL.jpg
97i VF NH with Hairlines -top.jpg
492 NH LL PB with 492i.jpg
492i Line from knee.jpg
492 NH UR PB with 492iii.jpg
492iii blue moon.jpg
41 U with Plate Scratch.jpg
41 U with Plate Scratch - zoom.jpg
Canada 43  U  W.G. Burden 6F 4.2  Flaw.j
43 U with 6F4_2 Flaw.jpg
34vi Re-entry  LL.jpg
34vi Re-entry  UR.jpg
34vi F NH.jpg
444 NH Tag Bar at Right.jpg
90bs U with Strong Re-entry-zoom.jpg
Canada 211 with Hairlines.jpg
211 Line above Pos 1-5.jpg
211 Pos 6-5 and 7.5 dotd in C.jpg
211 Line above Pos 1-3.jpg
211 Pos 6-5 and 7.5 dotd in C.jpg
211 dot in C Pos 7-5.jpg
345iii JS with Damaged E.jpg
345iii JS with Damaged E - zoom.jpg
347 JS of 4 with Damaged E.jpg
347 JS of 4 with Damaged E - zoom.jpg
345 Narrow Spacing JS.jpg
345 Regular Spacing JS.jpg
345 Narrow and Reg spacing.jpg
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NH Corner Blk of 6 from Plate #3 showing the "Re-touched Weeping Princess in Pos 21



Darnell 491a NH Block with "Floating Rose" on

1957i Die Cut to shape from Quarterly Pa
1872i Die Cut to shape from Quarterly Pa
1931iii Quarterly Pack paper not removed
1867b Inverted Die Cutting.jpg
1131 NH PB with minor Kiss Print.jpg
1266-1269 NH PB with Kiss Print doubling
1294 NH PB with minor Kiss Print.jpg
1132 NH PB with minor Kiss Print.jpg
1252-1255 NH PB with minor Kiss
953 Used G4aL.jpg
873-874i NH UR PB with Signal Light.jpg
869 NH with Doubling of Grey Inscription
665 NH PB with colour shift.jpg
1708aii NH.jpg